The Crowe Horwath Network

The Crowe Horwath network consists of more than 150 independent accounting and advisory services firms and in over 100 countries around the world.

Crowe Horwath International member firms are known for their local knowledge, expertise, and experience balanced by an international reputation for the highest quality in audit, tax, advisory and risk services. They are unified through a shared commitment for impeccable quality service, highly integrated service delivery processes and a common set of core values and management philosophies that guide their decisions daily.

This unique combination of talent provides Crowe Horwath International the worldwide capabilities of a highly integrated network to deliver value to multinational clients doing business across borders.

Leadership. Each member firm is well established as a leader in its national business community and is staffed by nationals, with a comprehensive knowledge of local laws and customs which is important to clients undertaking international ventures or expansion in other countries.

Quality, professional services. High-quality professional services (audit, tax and advisory) are basic to Crowe Horwath member firms’ operations. Standardized operating procedures for international work have been developed.

International Strength. Key regions have been established and are respectively coordinated by Regional Executives as follows: Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) by Bernard Delomenie, Regional Executive in Europe; Asia Pacific by Mok Yuen Lok, Regional Executive; and the Americas by Eduardo Pestarino, Regional Executive.

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer, J. Kevin McGrath

“In today’s world of rapid globalization and increasingly competitive markets, clients around the world can testify to the benefits they have drawn from Crowe Horwath’s member firms. The greatest strength of our member firms is their ability to understand the strategic needs of their clients combined with the business experience of the professionals they bring to help clients meet those needs. Instead of seeking merely to export professional expertise, Crowe Horwath has welded a truly international network of business experts drawn from the leaders of their professional communities. All share a commitment to delivering technical excellence and the highest standards of client service.”