Horwath HTL Asset Management

Working to create and protect value

Our experts  have tremendous experience in hotel operations, finance and real estate. We work alongside hotel real estate owners and investors, protecting their interests and maximizing returns on their investments. We provide a range of services, analysing the current management and operations in detail, examining the P&L and using our knowledge to improve return on investment across their portfolio.

Horwath HTL Asset Management services provide impartial reports that look at:

  • KPI analysis, benchmarking performance against industry standards and competitive sets
  • Market Segmentation, giving  analysis and advice on improvement
  • F&B and other department analysis
  • Performance and future reservation outlook
  • Debt positions
  • Capex requirements and investment

We also provide advice on:

  • Budget negotiations
  • Strategic FF&E planning
  • Operator Search and Selection
  • Debt Acquisition

It is important to have an expert team that can optimise the potential of the underlying asset, one that has the language and experience to align the interests of the owners and operators in creating the best results possible. Horwath HTL has extensive experience across single unit and multi portfolio organisations and will work hard to maximise your returns.